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Introducing: The Women's Scottish Futsal Cup

Image: Youth Football Scotland

Introducing: the Women’s Scottish Futsal Cup!

Scottish Futsal are delighted to announce the creation of a brand new competition to give Scotland’s best female futsal teams the chance to win the big trophy.

Starting in September 2024, the Women’s Scottish Cup will follow the same rules as the men’s version.

However, there will be two regional hubs with between four and 12 teams in each – the finalists are the two winners to come out of the hubs.

Image: Youth Football Scotland

These matches will be played with running clock and one referee.

The showcase final will then take place later in the year with a date to be decided – this will be full stop clock, full court and with a full team of officials.

Scottish Futsal is dedicated to opening up our futsal offering as much as possible and are eager to grow the women’s game.

What we need

Any players or officials with a passion for women’s futsal are needed to set up a national volunteer group.

This group will administer the competition in conjunction with Scottish Futsal to ensure the first ever Women’s Scottish Futsal Cup is a roaring success.

And, of course, teams who wish to take part.

To find out more contact

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